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Cafe & Latte is a trusted dating and cafe listing platform where we marry the best of both worlds. We want to provide you a single avenue to find your loved one and a beautiful cafe to go for a date.


We are looking for cafe partners who would like to promote their beautiful venues for couples to date. 

FREE listing of your cafe on our website. We could help you promote you cafe on our website, Facebook, Instagram and our app to our 30,000+ fans and followers every month.

INCREASE branding and awareness of your cafe, drive more sales and customer engagement. Simply put, this means higher revenue and more earnings for you cafe !

CO-MARKETING by having our poster at your cafe. The poster is meant to drive customer reviews that will help to increase your cafe's visibility on our website. 


What are the basic requirements to list a cafe?


You obviously need a nice venue that you think couples will love to go for a date! When creating a listing, upload beautiful pictures to show your cafe's settings and F&B offerings. 


Optional: We encourage you to offer discounts for customers book through Cafe & Latte (Hint: You can give discounts on quiet days at your cafe)

Who will be viewing my listing?


We have over 30,000 unique visitors a month visiting Cafe & Latte to find venues and spaces for dates. Over 80% of them are young working adults in Ho Chi Minh City. If you wish to promote your cafe to couples and monetize from these groups of people, do list with us!

How much does it cost to list my cafe here?


Listing your cafe on Cafe & Latte is FREE.

How your cafe's listing appears on our website is based on the number of likes and comments the customers have for you. The more likes and comments you have, the higher you are in our listing. 


Thus make sure that you ask your customer to rank you when they check out at the cashier. To help you ask your customers for testimonials, we will send you nice FREE poster for you to display at your cafe.

What if I want more branding and marketing for my cafe?


Running a cafe may not be easy when you have dozen of other cafes in town to compete with.

We can help you drive more sales to more targeted customers. 


Our attractive pricing plans offer various options to meet your budgets. Email us at to find out more :).