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We are the Amazon for all things relationships, connecting you with your match and the products/services that help to nurture your relationships.


Cafe & Latte is endorsed by NTUitive Pte Ltd under the Multi-Disciplinary Grant, a funding programme awarded to promising start-ups to further develop ideas to determine their viability as a business offering. 

“Excellent presentation and the team clearly articulated the value proposition. Suggestion to improve the activities offerings progressively as the couple relationship advances (For example, the offering of “wedding / anniversary” can be postponed until the couple is comfortable!)"

Dr. Hung Kin Chew Richard, Deputy Director, Technology Development, NTUitive

"Experienced and passionate team that seem to have done quite a lot of research & market survey."

Tang Pen San, Steering Committee Member, Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), Mentor, NTUitive (LinkedIn)


"Good idea. Challenge will be the execution and implementation in the security aspect."

Chua Thian Yee, Co-Founder, Cassis International, Mentor, NTUitive (LinkedIn)


"Positioning for the business fills a market gap in the dating industry. The higher percentage of female groups is a good sign for dating apps. Vietnamese team member is a plus for their target market."

Titan Lee Yun Yi, Growth Hacker, Digital Marketing Professional & Mentor, NTUitive (LinkedIn)


Interested to hear our visions and see our pitch deck? Write to justin@cafelatte.asia OR phu@cafelatte.asia. We rock around the clock. When one is sleeping, the other is awake, so we will always be attending to your requests!

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