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For young working adults

We understand that privacy is important to you! As such, we keep your name private. It's ONLY after a match that your name is revealed and users can start chatting with you. So you can have a peace of mind to stay true to who are you when sharing on your profile about yourself and whom you're looking for.


We share with you profiles based on things you share in common with your potential matches. It could be friends, interests, education, location or more. That will help to give your chats a nice jump start when both you and your matches will have something in common to chat about!


Cafe & Latte is a dating app designed to localise for each market.



Everyday we send you new profiles based on something you share in common with your potential match. You can choose to either “Like” or “Nope”. If you choose “Like”, your potential match will be notified, and no worries, your name is kept private. Only when the person person like you back, then a chat will open and both of you will know each other's name.


If you and your potential match like each other, a chat opens up, and you can chat with the other person.


At Cafe & Latte, we’re always working on new ways to make your app experience easier and more enjoyable. We are excited to provide you with cute emojis that help you break the ice and start the conversation in a sweet and fun way. Curious about these emojis? Find your match on our app and start chatting!


Want to see more profiles? Join us at the "Explore" tab. We'd like to excite you here a bit, so you will need to earn points to unlock the profiles on Explore. How to earn points? It's easy - by logging into the app everyday or simply by sharing it with your friends.



Cafe & Latte is a trusted dating app 


We understand that love is about trust, understanding and sincerity, and we are here to facilitate meaningful relationships.


Through this app, we would like to connect you with your match in a fun and trusted way, based on something both of you share in common. Our app features allow you to keep your name and interaction private.


The name “Cafe & Latte” we have for app comes from our love for coffee. And well, aren't cafe shops where people in the country love to go to for a date :) ?


We’re glad that you visit us here.


Let’s find your other half with Cafe & Latte!





Cafe & Latte is endorsed by NTUitive Pte Ltd under the Multi-Disciplinary Grant, a funding programme awarded to promising start-ups to further develop ideas to determine their viability as a business offering. See more details here >>

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